Toontrack Ezmix 2 on Ubuntu Studio

it is possible to run Toontrack ezmix on ardour on Ubuntu Studio?
If not, you have some plugin hint for great guitar sound?


*If not, DO you have some plugin hint for great guitar sound? Sorry …

google guitarix LV2

In addition to guitarix, I think Jack Rack and rakarrack could be useful for this. You could stack guitar effects up using these tools.

jack-rack is not useful in an ardour context. all the plugins that could be run inside jack-rack can be run directly inside ardour, stacked in the same way (and, with the new coming pin management support for plugins, even more flexibly).

Thank you.
I already knew of Guitarix and Rakarrack, but I was looking for something with more professional presets … I love Toontrack Ezmix sounds …

Just instantiate a Carla Rack as LV2, then you can load Windows plugins inside. I do this regularily for the LePou plugins, TSE plugins and some other stuff ( and Haven’t tried EZMix, but it might work too.
If you are on the KXstudio repos, carla has it’s packages there…