Tools for live performance

Hi there!

Well, I recently started an eletronic music group, and we are planning to play live. I’ve heard a bit about seq24, and Im trying to install it (its a bit bugged, tho… but in progress…). Are there other good stuff for me to use? Synths, effects and so on? Stuff that can be changed and triggered live?

I could search for it, of course, but its easier if u tell me what you use and what NOT to use, right?

(I’m open for command-line programs as well. they are stylish. ;D)

Thanks in advance!

non-sequencer - it’s much faster and more stable, than seq24
yoshimi, whysynth, hexter - my fav. synths
qsynth, qsampler - sf2 and gig sampler players

Not sure how it is live but Renoise has an awesome sampler built in.

Concerning the use of hexter and whysynth for live performance as far as I know these only exist as dssi plugins. I’ve discovered you can dssi plugins as standalone apps like this:
jack-dssi-host /usr/lib/dssi/
which would be useful also for Ardour3 because A3 does not support dssi plugins.

Also Calf organ and monosynth have some good sounds (but Monosynth only plays one note at a time)

Sorry, I should have mentioned, that you need jack-dssi-host. It’s kinda automatic for me :slight_smile:

most of live sets i play from renoise and it works fine.

Sorry… what is dssi?

I would have to pay for renoise, right?

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DSSI is one of several plugins standards for Linux. See
Other plugins standards are ladspa and lv2.
Yes, you would have to pay for Renoise.

Don’t forget Sooperlooper, really nice esp if your electronic group uses any analogue stuff.