tool box

hi iam liking mixing with mixbus its just the editing side in ardour DAW is a bit long winded
would love to see a tool box added as like logic pro tools etc. is this possible?

and for a scissor tool: just put your mouse on top of the region you want to cut in two and press “s”…

this would be great to add a toolbox as iam connecting Logic Pro to Mixbus through Jack just to edit in Logic and mix in mixbus…as opposed to doing everything in Ardour/mixbus


You might have to clarify what exactly you mean, as to my knowledge Ardour (And Mixbus) both have analogous components.

Personally I haven’t been to impressed with how Apple lays out it’s tools to much myself in it’s other programs I use (Final Cut etc.), but that is a personal choice thing.


hey seablade thanks for reply …i meant scissor tools etc like in logic/pro tools