Toggling multiple monitor inputs

I am recording a lot of tracks simultaneously. So, I need to toggle multiple monitor inputs. Right now, I have to do each one individually. I am not seeing a way to do this all at once. And I am talking about dozens of tracks. So a way to select multiple tracks and toggle the monitor inputs would be nice.

If the tracks aren’t in other groups, you could put them all into a group.
If they are in other groups, it might even be worth ungrouping them until you’ve finished recording.

I don’t see how grouping has anything to do with changing the monitor inputs to go from toggled on to record then toggle off to monitor. I also have specific groups set up and even a set of subgroups to control other aspects I am dealing with.

Hi, have you tried using Foldbacks and/or VCAs ?

I don’t know how to be clearer. I am recording multiple tracks simultaneously. The only way to record then monitor is to toggle the monitor inputs on each channel just like toggling the record button. Nothing else will work. I am just hoping for a feature change that, like the record button, if you have multiple tracks selected, you can toggle the input button. Any routing or any other grouping doesn’t achieve this. The monitoring input buttons don’t exist for those, just the individual tracks at record time.

Ardour does this by default. You apparently turned it off.

As Paul said, by default Ardour will automatically monitor inputs on any track that is record enabled, and then monitor the disk if it is not record enabled. You can disable this should you choose.

As has also been mentioned, you can create a mix group that any tracks in the group can have most controls, including the track monitor controls, adjust as a group, and you can press and hold shift to temporarily remove a track from the group while clicking, provides a much quicker way to do this if you actually need to adjust multiple tracks repeatedly.

  • Note that a group and a bus are NOT the same thing, even though that term gets used interchangeably by other software, in Ardour they are not equivalent.

Also I will point out the record page, which is a great way to view and adjust all this quickly on an as needed basis.


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