Toggle track mute via MIDI

Hi all,

I’ve written a MIDI binding map, but although my mapped mute buttons are working in Ardour, they only mute the track so long as the button is pressed. I need it to work as a toggle.

The MIDI signal sent by my device is a MIDI control message, with value 127 on press, and 0 on release (like a note change it seems).

How can I make this toggle on press and untoggle on second press?

I tried to map the CC message to a sysex binding to get around the “0” value on release, but I couldn’t get it working :\

Thanks for suggestions!

Is there any kind of “ignore note off” setting, like Hydrogen has (either in binding map files, or in Ardour GUI)?

Yes, there’s a “momentary” parameter for binding NOTE-ON messages, but I don’t think it has any effect on CC bindings. Unless your device can be reconfigured to send NOTE-ON instead of CC, I don’t think this will help you.

Hm, thanks Dennis. It would be possible for ardour to ignore the CC off (value=0) command within 1 second of the on command being registered (value=127), for certain CC numbers. I think I’ll make a feature request for that.

In the mean time I guess I have no choice but to manually reconfigure the signals sent by my keyboard to use NOTE-ON instead of a CC message for the mute buttons :\