Toggle ALL Existing Automation Shortcut

Recently I’ve found a super-duper feature to Hide/Unhide All Existing Automation! I don’t know why my bag-tracker request was not answered…
May be this could be interesting to somebody - this feature is in Ardour:
View > Automation >Toggle All Existing Automation
In my case I’ve assigned a shortcut to this function through the Keyboard Shortcuts (Alt-K).

Few remarks:

  • This works to the whole session, if all tracks are not selected (otherwise if at least one track which hasn’t any automation is selected - Ardour doesn’t do anything)

  • Or this works to the whole session, if all tracks are selected (Ctrl+T)

  • Also this works to any bunch of selected track or to a single one

  • [probably BUG]Sometimes this doesn’t work for newly opened session until I hide all automations manually one by one (need further problem study)

Sorry for offtop, but how did you make such theme? Is it possible to download it from somewhere?

Preferences > Appearance > Colors > Color Theme > Blueberry Milk:

Thanks a lot! You helped me. :blush:

The only problem for me in Ardour was always UI

+1 glad user = +1 step to my goal! With a great pleasure! :sunglasses:

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