Together at home

Hi there,

in these times of “stay-at-home” stuff emerges the mood of playing at home and put in on fb-live or else.

Would anybody say if, and how, it could be possible to mixdown several sources (video+audio) from several peoples’ home, and then put it live-online?

Of course, every player has to (at least) hear the others through his own hard/soft/ware. That in synchro and live…

Thanks, and courage to all

Short version is not really. You might be able to get ‘close’ with ideal conditions and something like the OPUS codec, but timing is still going to be a major issue to do that live. What I could see being done from a theoretical standpoint would be to distribute a click and everyone plays to the click, and that output is then mixed live (Provided that it can all be sync’d together off the click). It would involve some latency, but at least that could be deterministic to an extent and accommodated for with appropriate latency and buffering. Similar to this is done by churches that distribute some musicians in a live stream to remote campuses where live musicians with those campuses play along.


Thanks for the quick and detailled answer Seablade :slight_smile:
It makes sometime since we last exchanged, and I can see you are always on top!
I hope everything is and will be alright for your “clan” in Italy.
Pace e Salute, as said our Corsica common neighbours!
Thanks again,

I don’t know many/any of my Italian ancestors. The few people I do know over there are hating life only because they have multiple small kids they have to entertain non-stop:)

I am pretty securely on the other side of the pond (US) though myself, and trying to figure out how to teach sound technology remotely…


Oups! Sorry for the mistake Seablade… As said before I’m not so active here these times and have mixed peoples’ identities (despite that I know that Ardour is for mixing sounds!)
Thanks anyway for your last answer, and all my excuses.

No problem, no harm done, and no real need to apologize:)


I remember mixxx being useful to do a stream kind of thing. though as seablade sais , when timing is relevant we have a problem here to play in sync. but also: depends on the music. if you want some drone artists layering sounds and there is some scoring done beforehand, this would not be as time critical than a pop song…

@seablade guess you know that already but I am finding jitsi very handy for group conversations and i am also looking into ways to run workshops and collaborations with that…

@seablade nice to read you have no ego problem :wink:

@calimerox thanks for, but it is an hardware instruments project… I’ll have a look at it anyway

Yea my university is already on Zoom so I am using that, it is more a ‘how to teach this without students being able to get hands on’ type of problem.

Don’t worry… the ego will happen at some point:)


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