Today's best Ardour release choice for Linux...

What is my best choice for an Ardour release for Linux - today?
I have both versions 2.8.14 and 3.0beta5 installed on my Ubuntu Studio 10.12 system for the past 6 months or so.
I’ve been using 3.0beta5 because 2.8.14 crashed numerous times during the course of virtually every session I used it on.
3.0beta5 still crashes virtually every session but significantly less that 2.8.14 did.
I’m wondering if there is another more up-to-date release that I can try out, that might be more reliable?

Thanks, in advance.

Your best choice is to wait.

The 3.0 release candidate bundled with AVLinux is far better than 3.0beta5, but Paul has mentioned several times recently that 3.0 will be officially released “in a few days” so it’s probably worth waiting…

Crashing every session is not typical behaviour for 2.8.14 though. You may have a hardware or driver problem, which a new version of Ardour isn’t going to fix.

P.S. cross-posted with Paul’s reply :slight_smile:

i’m really planning to have a dual boot for my desktop computer. i already browse the net and ask plenty of my colleagues and all they said that my unit is capable or can fully handle dual boot. it’s this linux that i want to install as my second operating system. in this way, maybe i can also give feedback about ardour release choice for linux.