To Use A 64 Bit Distro Or Not To Use A 64 Bit Distro?

This is my question.

My main machine is an AMD 64 dual core 4gig RAM Delta 1010lt etc. etc. etc.

I have been testing fedora 8 and 9 with the plannet ccrma goodies on another test machine and I must say I was blown away at the performance I got from the planet ccrma core packages.

That was the 32bit flavor on a 32 bit processor.

I know I can run 32 bit on my Amd 64 but wondered if someone with some insit here could give some advice on witch direction I should go on this.




Funny… we almost have the same rig, even the same soundcard. When I first got my AMDx2 I loaded it up right away with Ubuntu Gutsy 64bit and proceeded to do all the stuff I normally do like Audio Recording and Video Encoding and did not notice any difference in speed, Video encoding was not even 1fps faster using the same build version of ffmpeg on both architectures. I went back to 32bit so I could run VST’s and because at the time there was issues with Flash Player and other minor 64bit headaches. The real difference is that 64 bit can access and utilize a lot more memory, The demands on a system from Audio are likely not going to push your machine into needing that kind of fast and high volume memory access, I mean when Pentium 2 Processors hit the market we were all blown away with what we could achieve on a Windows DAW running 20 tracks and numerous plugins with 256 Mb of RAM. Thats not to say it’s a bad idea because even things like DSSI-VST can run 32bit plugins on a 64bit system now because the software has matured, I wouldn’t advise you one way or the other but I would be very surprised if there was a noticeable difference with Audio Applications specifically.

Anyway that’s just an opinion to be taken or left,

Best of luck.

I use 64 Studio, and I can see a slight difference in straight performance. Another Advantage is that you can access more than 3.75G ram. Samplers suffer with high HD access, while ram storage saves high HD write and read volumes.

64 Studio is busy shaping their 3.0 release, and you can post your requirements on the wishlist in the forums. The beta release should be available soon.

Again, take it or leave it…