To handle Loop in Ardour

Hi, I don’t really understod the loop function, in my other DAW I can turn on and of when I want but in Ardour the loop turns off when I stop the cursor so I have to hit the l key again to turn on the loop. It must be an easier way to handle the loop.

Ardour has two “modes” for looping. The default is the one you’ve seen, which works for many people.

You, however, want to go to Edit > Preferences > Transport > [ ] Play Loop is a transport mode and enable it.

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Thanks! I look in Preferences but I don’t understand that I was looking for.

Is there any chance to start playback from the playhead position instead of from the beginning of the loop if loop is enabled? :slight_smile:

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i would like to to ask the same: instead of going from start every time, start from playhead current position
if playhead is outside of loop region - play from loop start

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