titanium g4 and rme audio (hdsp with pcmcia)

hello my name i dave (newbie)
i am a soundengineer and musician (for 30 years…)

i wonder if anybody of you ha specific recommendations,

my old laptop died (p4 xp using samplitude as daw)
and as everybody knows pc II cards are not used anymore…

instead of buing new stuff i bought a g4 1.5 ghz titanium (17") mac with 2 gigs ram used
to serve as “recorder” i have ben observing ardour for a while ( love open source projects)
but never had the time to get really familiar with linux, so now ardour exists for mac wich makes it a clear decision for me,

i d love to record 24 tracks, is that possible (with this or a similar machine?)

so any tips and tricks would be highly appreciated

the system is ment to be a “live recorder” i dont need to go into midi as i am doing mainly classical recordings.

thanks in advance

sorry i forgot : my soundcard is rme hdsp (pcmcia card) digiface and multiface works good with mac

Yes it is possible, your biggest hangup will be your hard drive speed. A small tweak in one of Ardour’s config files to increase your buffer size is all you should need as long as your hard drive can keep up, I wouldn’t recommend depending on the internal hard drive for this purpose, get an external.


thats what i thought (hdd speed) thanks