Tips for more stability

I started using Ardour recently.

However, while doing one recording it was crashing all the time. On another session all was OK.

I suspect that these was some glitches with plugins, but are there some tips how to make it more stable?

(I am using it on notebook with Window 7)

For all oses:

  • No plugins on any tracks when recording a long session. Plugin bypass - mode does not help there needs to be no plugins
  • Edit / Preferences / Appearance / Editor / Show waveforms while recording = off
  • Periods = 3, Buffers = 1024

If you’re on Linux stay away from Calf - plugins, they will mess your session eventually. I use Ardour 5.12 on Linux and it almost never crashes (happens maybe 2 - 3 times a year).

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@mhartzel 's advice is right on. With that said, my computer isn’t the highest spec-ed (old old i5, 8 gb rams) and I haven’t had a crash in a minute. I am on Linux, but I do know with Windows there’s quite a bit of tweaking in order to get something close to low-latency.

OP doesn’t mention low latency. If you need to process sound live then the best solution is to buy hardware that does the job. Imho going for low latency on a computer is asking for trouble. A computer will never give you the reliability dedicated hardware does. Low latency on a computer may work for a while and when you are depending on it it does not. I play guitar so my live processor is a Line 6 guitar processor and never had trouble with it.

As a starting point for getting stable recording my recommendation is Periods = 3, Buffers = 1024. This should work even on a slower computer.

periods = 3 is only for use with some USB interfaces, and should only be tried after periods = 2 has failed. These settings are also only for when using JACK - the ALSA backend (which we recommend for people who do not need JACK) gives you no option over the number of periods.

Are you saying that ALSA decides on appropriate values based on incoming channel count, bitrate, samplerate etc vs sticking to a fixed value?

Would you be able to share why it is that some USB interfaces need 3 vs 2 periods?

[ deleted inaccurate/incorrect information ]

Re; 3 periods:

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Hi. I am using PortAudio with MME (with buffered sound enabled).

Problem is not speed. Speed is OK, but it crashing sometimes. But I strongly suspect plugins.

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