Hey Guys, I have imported some regions from a pro tools session into Ardour .99 and am trying to find the function that would allow me to set those regions to their original timestamp location. The only thing Ardour will let me do is to put all of them to the beginning. I would like to try Ardour out on a big scale, but that won’t be possible if I cant restore the regions to their original timestamps. Thanks!

Not sure about .99, but Ardour 2.0.5 (the current version) can use timestamps in some import situations. There is also an option from the right click menu of each region, to place that region at its ‘original position’.

Importing is just getting some attention in the 2.0.x series that will make what you want to do quite straight forward.

As a general suggestion, I think you will be better off trying out version 2.0.x. , .99 is quite old now.

Are you sure the files from ProTools have timestamps ? I seem to recall some versions of PT not supporting time stamped files (LE for example).

I did the right click/control click on Mac to get that original position but that just moved all the regions to the beginning of the ardour session. I know all files have original time stamps because I did the same thing in performer and they jumped to their spots perfectly. I will try 2.0 in the future, I just don’t have access to Tiger to upgrade my systems and I don’t want to have to drop 500 bones for the digital performer upgrade to run on tiger.