Timeline commenting

I had an idea the other day and if anyone thinks it would be useful I’ll register and add it to the tracker.

The per-track comment feature is very useful and something I use a lot. However, the thought occurred that it might be useful to be able to make a general comment but at a specific time, rather than a comment that is only specific to a particular track.

The way I could envisage this working would be to have a comments timeline/ruler and that markers could be added to it at specific points, as with the other rulers. They might be labelled “Comment” and would open a comment window when clicked, like the mixer window comments, or display the contents of the box as a tool-tip when hovered over as the existing comments do.

I thought this might be useful for recording or mixing – you could place a comment such as “Needs some percussion here”, “Don’t forget the second guitar lead part” or reminders for thinks to tackle later in mixing or production “Timing needs sorting in this section”, “Bring up the backing vocals here” etc.

I don’t use SoundCloud myself, but it’s something I’ve seen this sort of commenting there when listening to other people’s music and I guess it’s something similar that I’m suggesting.

Would this be something that people might find useful?

I think that fits perfectly to my request in Mantis:

Good to hear that it will be in implementation in future. It’s a need for productional purposes.

A track would of course be much better than an additional time line


Prof Knaakenbroed

Ah, okay. I had a search of the tracker and couldn’t see anything already mentioned but I didn’t spend that long searching.

The comments track(s) seems a really good idea and certainly a much more versatile approach than what I suggested.

Thanks for the link to the post-3.0 stuff, that looks like an interesting read.

That list isn’t in the tracker right now because it is more a thing of, make one list that won’t get confused with the 3.0 stuff that we can reference later as we know it won’t get into 3, and that isn’t the goal.


There is already an entry on this list for something similar to what you have suggested.


Slightly different in that it would be a track rather than a ruler, and you could add as many of these as you like to a session. The track would then allow you to add any kind of text at any point in time. This could be comments, reminders, notes, lyrics etc etc. The text would be entered in what would look like a region, so could be made to stretch over a span of time to indicate its relevance to that span, rather than just a single point in time. The benefit here over a single ruler being that you can comment on individual tracks or groups of tracks.