Does Ardour output timecode via an USB dongle or other device?


you need to specify what kind of timecode you mean, ltc, mtc, vitc etc etc (just to play devils advocate)

Hello Chris

To answer your question, any kind.



The short answer is yes, the longer answer is, exactly what are you looking to do? How you output timecode depends on many different factors, for example MTC needs a MIDI output, while LTC is essentially audio. Ardour natively handles MTC while LTC can be gotten from Ardour either by striping it on an audio track in recording and playing it back or by converting LTC to it. MIDI Clock on the other hand is not what many people consider timecode and while it uses MIDI is completely different from MTC and not something Ardour handles.

So really, at this point I have to ask, what is your needs? You can’t just ask if it does timecode, most any DAW does timecode of some sort, but what timecode is appropriate for your needs can be VASTLY different from what is provided. It seriously sounds like from your post you aren’t certain what you need and I would suggest researching the entire topic and coming back with a better description so we can help you.



I understand timecode quite well thank you. I just needed to know if the program had timecode capability before I downloaded it since i can’t find information about this software anywhere…not how to operate it…

Yes, it has timecode capability.

Thanks Chris!

i can’t find information about this software anywhere…not how to operate it…

try browsing this page, there s a FLOSS manual and much more info.