Time stretch

Actually, I’ve already asked this question in ardour’s chat, but maybe somebody have additional information. The question is about “correction” of guitar (or something else) records. I know, this is “not true way” but sometimes it is very useful. For example: if I had to record drums, first of all I need to wrote “raw” guitar with metronome to help drummer to play better(without this raw guitar part, if we have only metronome, drummer sounds lifeless). So, we need VERY SMOOTH guitar part, to help play drummer play smooth. It will be very helpful to make this raw guitar using time-stretching instrument, like “sample editor” in cubase or “elastic tool” in pro tools. I’m not insist to improve this tool in ardour, but maybe sombody knows lv2 plugin or another program, which helps to align instrument line to metronome?

I’ve used the time stretch tool to fit samples to the beat. As long as your sample is cut to a proper bar’s length (or you know what the meter length should be), you can stretch it out to fit a new tempo no problem.

For example, you have a sample that you’ve cut to be exactly 4 bars at 120bpms. Then you change the tempo/grid in ardour and time stretch the sample so that it fits in 4 bars of the new grid. That should do it.

No, question is not how to fit the whole sample to meter, question is how to fit one part(single note) to meter((((

If it was really just a single note … First you have to know the meter and tempo. Then you set the meter and tempo to those values. Then you stretch a given region to fit the grid.

But ardour will not do all this for you automatically. There is no “conform” functionality in Rhythm Ferret at this time, and that is where this functionality will end up (eventually).