Time stretch tool


I do not mean to sound repeating, but all my posts from yesterday were accidentally deleted, so this is now unofficially my first post :wink:

Liquid time stretching is an important feature that caused many Cubase SX users to upgrade to SX3. This sort of realtime scaling would be a very welcome and competitive feature.

I don’t know how much trouble it would be to implement this, but what I’d really like to see is a dialog box for the current non-realtime timestretch feature where you can input a stretch factor like so:

Current BPM: [x]
Target BPM: [y]

If you know the BPM of multiple tracks you can easily shrink/stretch them to the same tempo without manually searching/counting/stretching.

Here’s how I would do it:

Given multiple 4-bar regions, each with a different tempo…

Set Ardour tempo to the song tempo you want.
Turn on the Grid
Set Grid mode to “bars”
Select the time stretch tool

Now grab the end of each of the loops and drag them so they “snap” to the grid on bar 4. Now all of the loops will be time-stretched to the same length.

Would that work for you? Or am I missing the point somewhere?

On top of this, apart from BenLoftis’s solution, there’s another case where this simple dialog that won’t even require major changes would definitely save a hassle.

Imagine 3 full songs with different speeds you want to chop and mix. All of them have a certain intro with no clear rythm info, with different lengths. One or two have a different speed intermezzo. By using this dialog, you wouldn’t have to search-and-chop-and-loose-and-count for every section to make it fit.

I agree with the OP. Since most loops I buy are tempo-designated it makes best sense to have a dialog utility to stretch multiple files. I often want to test dozens of possibly useful loops, and manually changing tempos for many loops becomes tedious quickly.