Time stretch not working?


I’m new to the forum and hope I’m placing my question in the right category.

Using rev 7.2.0~ds0-2~bpo22.04.1~ppa1 Intel 64-bit on Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS, I can’t do a time stretch anymore. Error message is:
[ERROR]: An error occurred while executing time stretch operation

When selecting an area to stretch, the area always starts at the beginning of the track. When the stretch window pops up, I can’t change the percentage field, neither by typing into it, nor using the up and down arrows.

Could anyone confirm this error?

It should start at the beginning of the region.

Numeric entry of the stretch duration was indeed not working in Ardour 7.2. This has been fixed in Ardour 7.3.

Hi Robin,

thanks for your quick reply. I will wait till 7.3 is available through the repository and try again.

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