Time Stamp problem on 'import audio'


I think I have picked up a small bug in Ardour. In the ‘import audio’ dialogue, I wish to import timestamped audio fragments from old ProTools sessions, and then retain the timestamp so that the fragments are in the correct sequence.

If I import the audio (select > import), (select > import) (i.e. one audio file at a time) to ranges, or as individual tracks, ardour correctly remembers the timestamp.

If I gang select all audio, and then import, ardour forgets the timestamp and incorrectly assumes the timestamps of all imported files as 0:00

Doing them individually is a workaround, but it is quite a pain, especially when I am trying to resurrect the fragments of audio left after a spectacular hard drive crash.

Could someone confirm this behaviour? And hopefully fix sometime?



I saw you mention this on IRC this morning when I got in. Most of what you’re describing has been fixed in 2.8.8. Some of what you describe sounds OS X specific - are you on Linux or OS X. Also, there is no “Gang Select” option - do you mean “Sequence files” ?
And yes, you can’t use that option if you’re importing to the region list because its goal is to create a series of N regions in 1 track.

Hi Paul

I’m running Linux. UbuntuStudio 10.04

Thanks for your reply.

When I mean ‘gang select’ I mean click on the first file, hold shift, click on the last file. All the files are selected now in a ‘gang’. Bad slang I guess. What I think I should say is ‘multiple select’.

If I do this, then Ardour will sequentially process the files and add them to the region list, but with the timesync on all regions defaulted to 0:00. If I do them one at a time (i.e. select 1 > process ,1 select 2 > process 2 etc.) , the timesync is preserved, regardless if I import the audio to a region or to a track. The way I mention above (i.e. select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 > process all) - the timesync is lost both to region or to track.

Does it make any sense? It’s a bit fiddly to explain.