Time Signatures w/ Ardour & Rosegarden

So I know I can sync tempo changes with JACK master/slave configurations, and unfortunately I’m fairly sure JACK currently doesn’t sync time signatures.

Are there more effective ways of syncing Ardour and Rosegarden then just manually maintaining the time signature changes in both programs?

With JACK master/slave, I know I at least don’t have to replicate tempo changes (though I’m really hoping Ardour supports ramp tempo changes in the future, because I usually use Ardour as master and slave everything else to it), but I’m hoping to avoid dual maintenance if at all possible.

Also, any work flow ideas would be helpful.



@griphiam: JACK does transmit both meter and tempo information, but changes in either of them are quantized to the JACK period size which means that that it is quite easy for the slave & master to get out of sync (albeit, by typically a few hundred or a thousand samples). I don’t think there is any workflow which will make this easy - doing it properly requires that JACK clients share a tempo map which would describe the entire tempo map “ahead of time” and thus avoid block-quantizing of any changes. this has been discussed for years on the JACK mailing list but little or no progress has been made in defining what this tempo map would look like.

I am currently working on a song that has tempo changes and ramps. It could have time signature changes as well.

I define a tempo map in a human readable text file that klick (http://das.nasophon.de/klick/) can read. Then I use klick2ardour.py to write the tempo map to ardour. (You can try with the example tempo map from the klick user manual, but you will have to delete the “X.x” and the volume reductions which don’t make sense in this context).

Then I use the jack transport in ardour and hydrogen, ardour as master. Normally, hydrogen syncs fine.

Afaik, Rosegarden won’t follow ardour’s tempo and signature changes, so you have to set the same tempo map in Rosegarden, as you are doing now.

In addition to hydrogen, non-sequencer also follows ardour’s tempo changes.

Cheers! Pablo