time recordings


I’ve got a question which I cant seem to find an answer for.

Is it possible to plan recordings?
I want to plan recordings (with different lenghts) today for tomorrow, the day after and the day thereafter.
With 4 different channels, my soundcard has 4 inputs.

I am using the program AudioTime right now for this, but this is not supported on mac.
Is this possible with Ardour?
If not, does someone know another program for mac that can do this?

Thanks in advance.

Try Audacity.

@gsking: i don’t believe that audacity can do this either.

@stanve: this needs either (1) leavng a “standard” recording application open for several days, and using its internal facilities to turn recording on and off (e.g. auto-punch in Ardour) or (2) a very specialized application designed just for this task (3) using shell scripts (or other similar scripting/automation facilities) to use command line tools to do this.

(1) could work but it would be a highly unusual way to use Ardour (or any other DAW for that matter). I don’t know any programs that fit (2). (3) is pretty easy for those of us used to command line tools and shell scripts, but not so much for those who are not.

Audacity isnt best for this operation.