Time for a new song "Break Free"

Latest creation in Ardour. Tried an 80s rock/pop feel. Hope you like it.

Thanks for listening!


Great playing! What signal chains did you use for the instruments?

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Thanks Brian!

I tend to use a lot of Calf plugins. I have a reverb bus that all the tracks feed into with Calf reverb. I also use the Calf 5 band EQ and Limiter on the master bus for the final mix. The guitars and keyboards are pretty compressed already, but use the Calf compressor on the bass as it tends to get boomy. Also use Hydrogen for the drums.

Thanks again.

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Nice! I love Hydrogen! And those Calf plugins are pretty awesome too.

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Cchoowee, have you ever thought of introducing some vocals?

Hi bluebones,

Sure, but not by me. My vocals range from “almost tolerable” to “completely sucks”… :slight_smile:

I’ve been talking to a couple of local guys about doing something together, but nothing has really materialized yet.

Maybe I could try something :upside_down_face: if you like the idea we can talk it over by email (horsebourbon@gmail.com)

Great mix and a rockin’ tune!! Very nice work!!


Thanks for the feedback GMaq!

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Wow, superb! I thought that your guitar tone was just as good as Petrucci’s! Congrats, sounds killer! What did you use to get that guitar sound? Spectacular.

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