Time bar problem in Fedora 17

Hey team,

I just got my poor man’s m-audio/F17 “DAW” up and running and I’m running into a strange one. After I record a track I’m unable to rewind the time bar. Neither dragging it with the mouse or clicking the rewind button actually change the position of the bar. It will only continue to play/record at the latest point.

I can work around this by exiting the program after each take, but that’s not very practical/usable.

Any tips?

I’ve checked the all the usual suspects I can think of like selinux. Has anyone heard of this before? I was unable to find anything similar on the forums or via google.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Try to disable Time Master in Ardour

How very odd, I wonder what causes that to show up as I don’t think I have ever seen it and often use Jackdmp and Jack Transport with Jadeo and Ardour. I wonder if it is related to other clients that are running?


paul: Agreed 100% :slight_smile: Even expensive “professional” support is a beating.

DLC11: I am using jack transport and that BZ sounds exactly like what I’m running into. It’s strange though because it was opened back in 2009, and I’ve only hit this w/ the move to F17.

seablade: I’m just running Jack, Ardour, & Hydrogen. I run into this w/ and w/ o hydrogen being turned on.

Other random package versions:

I started running A3 beta5 tonight and it’s working really well so far. It uses more CPU than I used to seeing, but I dont’ have any xruns so I don’t really care. :slight_smile:

One more thing, I get the same results using the Fedora package and the binaries provided from here. I’m currently on ardour-2.8.13-1.fc17.x86_64

mrguitar: screenshot needed. and btw, as usual, debugging/supporting problems like this on a forum is a really deeply miserable experience.

Are you using jack transport? You could be running in to this issue: