thumbknuckle trio

This stuff was recorded with Ardour:

The computer was basically used as a tape machine, it’s an analog mix using just a bit of the channel EQ on my Soundcraft LX7. Interface is a Delta 1010, preamps were the direct outs from the Soundcraft channel strips. EQ and filters bypassed for tracking.

input list:

bass amp: AT4033, maybe 3 feet back from the amp
guitar amp: EV RE20, also a good 2 or 3 feet back from the amp
about a foot off the ground and about three feet in front of the kick: AKG D112
right and left sides behind and above drum set, about 5 feet from the snare: pair of modded Oktava Mk 219s

Tracked live with everyone playing together in the same room. No baffles or headphones or anything like that.

Quite a mad ‘jazz rock’ sound :slight_smile:
Like the odd timings, crashing cymbals and tight bass/guitar. Nice job.

Very nice.

great stuff, this the way i would like to push my recording. does the delta 1010 work with linux?

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Buddhab: the Delta 1010 works great under Linux, and even has it’s own control application(Envy24control). It, along with the RME stuff, was the best option for doing multitrack audio on Linux for a long time, and it still holds up. It also has no cheap micamps in the signal path, just 8 balanced line level connections going each way. If you are using a mixing console I don’t know of a better way to go until you start spending real money. Highly recommended.

I will have to look into pricing on one. sometimes the guys do there best work just gamming. just not possible for me to record it all.