Thumbknuckle Duo

Here’s a new duo recording: tracked with a Studiolive 10.0.02 and PreSonus Capture, mixed on an old Studiomaster console using Ardour and a Delta1010LT for playback.

Technical details: this was tracked with us playing live set up right next to each other in the same room, no overdubs but there is some comping of takes. Mic setup was 2 Oktava Mk219 for overheads, AKG D112 for kick, SM57 for snare and EV RE20 on the bass amp.

The only processing is a notching out of some room artifacts in the overheads using the LADSPA Triple Band Parametric and the channel EQ on the mixer.

available here:

Cool groove. Needs the rest of the band there, though. :slight_smile: