Three Years of Recording With Ardour

After releasing my first CD in 2005, recorded on a friend’s system, I decided to cobble together a Windows rig and torture myself for a year recording new material (re-installs, you know the story). Eventually my computer coughed and I decided to start over with Linux. I started with Debian and ended up on Ubuntu Studio for a few years, with brief experiments with other distros. I’m now using Pure:dyne.
In the process I managed to record a few new songs and remix and master some of the previous recording, because I was dissatisfied with the previous production. I have maintained a blog, , which describes my travails with this and live audio, and now have a Reverb Nation profile which showcases the best of my current recordings. Let me know what you think!


Like your style a lot, you did a wonderful job!

Congrats and best wishes with your material and work!