Thoughts on irqbalance for Linux machines

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I was checking out my file system and I came across a file in my /default/ directory. It the irqbalance file. It reads as follows:

# irqbalance is a daemon process that distributes interrupts across
# CPUS on SMP systems.  The default is to rebalance once every 10
# seconds.  This is the environment file that is specified to systemd via the 
# EnvironmentFile key in the service unit file (or via whatever method the init
# system you're using has. 
#    after starting, wait for a minute, then look at the interrupt
#    load and balance it once; after balancing exit and do not change
#    it again.

#    64 bit bitmask which allows you to indicate which cpu's should
#    be skipped when reblancing irqs.  Cpu numbers which have their 
#    corresponding bits set to one in this mask will not have any
#    irq's assigned to them on rebalance

#    append any args here to the irqbalance daemon as documented in the man page

Since I use things like USB audio IO and fader controllers, should I be doing anything with these settings to keep things running solid in my Ardour sessions? Or leave alone?

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EDIT: Fixed a formatting issue – Seablade

PS. Sorry about how my post came out. I have no idea why the text got soooo big.

If you don’t have any problems then leave it as it is. I never needed to tweak this config.

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You copied and pasted from a config file that used a hashtag β€˜#’ at the start of the line as a comment, faily standard for Linux config files. IN markdown though a hashtag followed by a space at the start of a line indicates a heading, so the forum thought the file was almost nothing but headings.

You can address this in the future by preceeding your copy/pasted section with three backticks β€˜```’ and following it with the same. This indicates that the section enclosed by the two sets of backticks is preformatted text, and it won’t use typical markdown formatting. Especially useful for code and config files.


Ohhhhhhhh. Thank you Seablade. Got it.
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