this is what i have done with ardour

So i have been using ardour for around a year , though not all the time, ive come and went with it. ive not switched software or antyhing, ive just not done work on a consistant basis.

Im a live sound engineer, so thats what i mainly deal with though do deal with recording from time to time on a personal basis.

I’ll link my sound cloud which is easier than linking everything individual, but everything in there has been done through ardour, wether its a simple desk output from a live gig being brought into ardour and touched up, or a recording session with a backing track and some vocals, or acoustic guitar with vocals, and my bands live recording which is multitrack which has been mixed down through ardour with the provided plguins and calf plugins.

Im now on Ubuntu studio 12.10

which is great and bad at the same time.

out the box, everything i need is setup (studio software jack etc, pulseaudio nvidia drivers sound etc) though i had to add myself to the audio group manuall which was strange. took me days to figure out as i couldnt start jack at all unless i used root at command.

yes there are bugs many of them…

any way here is my sound cloud

The tracks that dont use ardour are the clarinet recordings these were just uploaded straight from my tascom dr05 wav recording.

Everything else has went through ardour, the live recordings that are just desk mixes used ardour to run through jamin, the accoustic trakcs are multitrack recordings through ardour with effects, the covers are backing tracks with vocals ontop, and veda is my band from a multitrack recording from the desks direct outs.

the veda recordings are a great example at what can be done with ardour since its essentially a studio recording but in a live enviremont, you have everything miced up. Since the recording was done on a 24 track hardware HD recorder (alesis HD24) latency is not an issue, the source waves import into ardour perfectly so every track is in sync. Latency on 14 tracks with plugins so far no issues, only latency issue i have had is with effects over buses and sending a track to that bus, but thats solved with taking away the dry signal in the effect and jus thaving it wet. i know from using hardware effects that dry signals doo have somwaht of a latency (its very small) but the latency of the dry signal in ardour is so much so that there is obvioius phasing, but i have always worked with complelty wet effects since as you are sending to the effeect and having it return on a sepperate channel you can control the dry wet mix between the real channel and the fx channel.