This is the best open-source de-esser plugin!

Airwindows DeBess is amazing!
Here’s a deep dive explaining how to use it:

The plug-in is open-source and available for Linux, Mac and Windows in VST format.


Agreed, it is amazing!

I like Chris and his airwindows plugins, but here I have a different opinion - and did you correct your headphones before listening? If not, then I’d never even touch a de-esser…

I guess you were appalled by the way the plugin transmuted a perfectly clear and intelligible sentence into a dark cyphered gummy mumble? But isn’t that stickly as as such the sheer essence of the de-esser?

i always use slew from airwindows - for dealing with harsh high frequencies :slight_smile:

I have to try that out, thanks!

Hi. I use the LSP Multiband Compressor as De-esser, just activating the hig-end band to get rid of that harshness. It works well for me.