This is "Resurgence Dub"

Hi @ Ardourists ,

Yet another dub from Western France !

This one was made on the Ardour 6 Rc using as usual midi hardware and plugins :slightly_smiling_face: :

Instruments are :
LSP MultiSampler 12 outs for the drums
TAL NoizeMak3r for the bass sound
Zasfx for other synth sounds
The general sound font for the brasses

FX are :
CALF Vintage Delay
TAL Verb2
The LSP Limiter

Hope you will enjoy some good vibes,
Hope you will put on a feedback / comment / Advice to help me improving my music.

Cheers/à Bientôt !


Almost forgot to mention that I used the excellent SetBeFree for the organ part :wink:

Hi @Sahaathyva

Love it! :smiley:

Great bass, and the Soundfont horns sound surprisingly good!! What drum samples do you use?

Thanks @GMaq !

The bass i’m in trouble with its high end and the attack. It s a patch i tweaked over the time but i don t manage Noizemak3r enough to modify the adsr, i found it a bit clicky at the attack and i cannot open more the filter as it is finishing to sound too digital. I will investigate the attack part asap :slight_smile:

The drumsamples are actually picked from multiple real drumachines wich were sampled by autodafe(such a great free ressource) , i picked the hats there,the kicks there…

I tried the avl wich is very good,i just have troubles to manage the drumkick sound from the kits, wich is sad as the rest is perfect and would overall sounds more natural :frowning:

For now I need advices : i made my dubs by 1st creating a kind of reggae backtrack and then i “dubify” it in the mix and the fxs. What lacks me is some vocals on it to go pure roots dubbing,you know if i had at least a chorus i could play with the voice too and so that may sounds less boring?

Or maybe a lead but i dont manage to get something worth it, i must take my melodica out but i am not an audio recor engineer and i m a bit ashamed of my melodica skills so i dont dare to do so.

Btw if you want the stems to make some overdub collab it would be a pleasure,dont hesitate to ask, my music is CC afterall :wink:

Well done that is one thunky thick one drop! Nice punch.

Honestly this is already good, but here are maybe some ideas, and some positive feedback:

  • That bass is so staccato, you might want to even use a reverb on it, just make sure to cut away low frequencies so it doesn’t become muddy at all.
  • Some of the delays could use a bit more body, you know the kind where you could make the rest of the tracks quiet and the delay would fill everything. :smiley:
  • Really dig the horn melody! Nice harmonies, too.
  • Well done keeping everything minimal but still pretty groovin’.
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Nice feedback thanks.

Did not even tought abuot reverb on the bass, thanks for the advice , i will try :wink:
About the delay, i must investigate on my calf vintage delay , i think it cuts maybe too much the body in tape simulation mode, but the plain echo is too plain you know.

I miss one good tape delay plugin that does not exist on linux, the bionic supa delay from invada, a pure delay “à la” space echo when you got mad sounds just by pushing the feedback too much and play along with the delay time and the pitch shift it gives

I must look foward and search for a good tape delay with pitchshifting integrated and a feedback that really feeds back :slight_smile:

I don’t get the “dig the horn melody”, excuse my poor english, do you mean that i must get further more in melody research ? I just made a little phrase to put on with the rest.

Thank you for the valuable advices , appreciated

“dig”=Very Good! :wink:

In old slang English to “dig” something means you are into it and you like it a lot.


Yeah as @GMaq explained (thanks Glen!), I meant the melody was nice! :slight_smile:

And for a free dub delay, I think TAL Dub 3 is absolutely excellent!

For non free ones I love Uhe’s “Colour Copy” and “Satin”.

Ok i will dig into the TAL Dub3 :wink:


Just in case you didn’t know…

All of the AVL Drumkit WAV samples are available in the ‘SFZ’ files so if you want to use a Sampler (like LSP Multisampler) to mix drum samples from AVL with different samples from other sources you can get all of the WAV samples from this folder:

Oh nice surprise :wink: the best would however be that I learn to mix and can use the original drumkit.