Thinkpad T42 w/ Ubuntu, Ardour, SooperLooper?


Here’s what I want to do:
run Ubuntu on a thinkpad t42
(seem to be very compatible with Ubuntu and there are some deals to be had)

Run a guitar via mixing board into the mini jack in on the thinkpad t42
Use Sooper Looper and route it via jack to Ardour

Use it for live guiat looping performances and record the entire performance via Ardour.(or audacity even)

I think this should work fairly well no?

Anyone with experience on Thinkpad t42 laptops and ubuntu for audio performance?

Processor: 1.7 ghz
Ram, I would probably put 1 gig in there.
40 gig 5400 speed hdd.

thanks for any thoughts.


Hi John,

Your setup seems fine, at least to me.
I’m running ardour, jack and mostly hydrogen using debian on a R60,
which I have found to be similarily easy with linux as the T42 I had
before, both with a 2.6.20 kernel and preemption patches.

I recommend using an external usb soundcard, though.
Especially the line-in/mic-in is not what you can really use.
Once I have recorded a guitar through a zoom fx box using the internal
soundcard. I had to turn down the input down to nearly 5% to avoid hiss
and distortion on the tracks.