Thinking about trying Ardour

I’m a longtime Cakewalk user but I have kept up with Harrison Mixbus updates as well.
Mixbus uses a lot of cpu and so I’ve been wondering about using Ardour to track in instead.
I also have Waveform 12.5 but I don’t use it much.
I’m not going to subscribe to the latest Cakewalk Sonar and Waveform seems to be catering to the EDM crowd.
I want to record real instruments, played by people.
How much better is Ardour than Mixbus for recording with low latency?
How does Ardour compare to Reaper?
Thanks for sharing your experience with any of this.

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Over at Download Ardour | Ardour Community you can get a free/demo version, allowing you to test this out on your specific computer rather than relying in information from other people.

I’d strongly suggest that you do this, especially since you have some familiarity with Ardour already, via Mixbus.

Thanks for responding. I’ll for sure install Ardour as soon as I can.
I’m currently traveling on vacation but reading everything I can in the meantime.
Do you know if I create a session in Ardour, can I open it in Mixbus 10 or would I need to export stems and then import into Mixbus?
I’m assuming that Ardour will be a huge improvement for actual tracking and I certainly would love to support the project.

I believe that’s possible aye but the other way round is apparently problematic. I don’t have Mixbus though so can’t offer any more insight (although I may give it another try one day soon).

I have just recorded drums in Ardour 8.4 Win10 and written them to an Ardour archive. I imported the archive into Mixbus C32-9 Win10 for mixing without any problems.

Edited: I always do this because recording via my laptop with Ardour is more convenient. The mixing orgy then takes place on my desktop computer.

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It should be the same. The latency of recording is related to the audio interface and the PC and Operating System audio sub-system, not really to the DAW.

Are you live-monitoring your recordings through the DAW (e.g. via plugins)? If not, you shouldn’t be worrying about the recording latency.



Yes, Ardour uses less DSP / CPU so you will be able to handle more tracks with Ardour. For example, on my 4th gen Intel i7, a new project on Ardour is using %1 to %3 CPU. A new Mixbus project is using about %16 to %23 CPU because of the emulation DSP, and increases as more tracks are added.

Last time I tried, you can simply open an Ardour project with Mixbus, but if you save it as the same name, you may not be able to open it again with Ardour. It has been a while, but that is what I remeber happening. Using ‘SAVE-AS’ and changing the name after import may help aleviate that issue.

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Yeah I live monitor most of the time. My songs are usually recorded one track at a time with me doing everything so typically I’m kind of mixing or balancing things as I go.
If I record a band live, that would be different.
I’ll try the demo next week and compare when I’m back home.