Things to do when not working on Ardour

You might wonder (or you might not) what Ardour’s lead developer does when he’s not busy fixing bugs, adding features and responding to users’ requests and ideas. This coming weekend (Memorial Day in the USA), I’m leaving town to take part in the DeSoto American Triple-T, a weekend of triathlon racing consisting of:

* a super-sprint on friday evening (300m swim, 5 mile bike, 1 mile run
* 2 olympic distance triathlons on Saturday (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10k run)
* 1 half-iron distance triathlon on Sunday (1.2mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.2 mile run)

The Triple-T is known for hilly courses on the bike, and a very challenging trail run with very little flat. The second race on Saturday also has the order switch to bike/swim/run, which leads to some interesting experiences in the water. I did this event last year the weekend after doing the hardest half-iron race on the east coast (perhaps in the US), and wanted to go back this year feeling much fresher. Not sure I’ve managed the fresh part, but I didn’t race Harriman last weekend, and I’m looking forward to what is basically an Ironman split over 2 and a bit days. Contrary to what you might expect, this is harder than doing a straight Ironman - most people are about an hour slower overall at Triple-T.

Next week, I’ll be back to get 2.5 released!

how dare you do something outside of making this program for me!! i’ve subscribed to ardour so i expect you to do nothing else than grant my every feature request! :stuck_out_tongue: hehe good luck with the triathlons. i wonder, since you are doing 3 triathlons (33), what happens if there were 3 of these events (333)? is there some recursive sports association i’m not aware of? i feel sorry for those in the 10decathlon events :slight_smile:


ps. maybe we need a new slogan for ardour to match? ‘ardour: daw for ironmen’ :slight_smile:

I have to agree with porl. My whole conception of reality is based on your bespectacled self residing day-in day-out in a basement writing code for the benefit of others…

… and no rock climbing in the course? Frankly I’m disappointed!


enjoy the workout! nothing like pushing oneself to the limit of exhaustion and beyond. Best of luck!

triathlons and training could be considered as a low-pressure retreat environment in which to consider the immediate and medium term future of ardour - its not time off, its time away :slight_smile:

re: rock climbing - i climb at an indoor rock gym with my daughter every other weekend. does that count ?

I’m not sure I ever fully “got” the Iron Man concept. Now, Iron Butt, on the other hand… :wink:

Have fun, Paul!

The fun is done. Not a spectacular success in terms of placings, but faster than last year… these are my times for the 4 races.

2007: 26:53 / 2:45:53 / 2:51:56 / 6:17:44 / total: 12:22:27
2008: 25:57 / 2:31:11 / 2:45:20 / 5:56:41 / total: 11:39:08

In 2007, that time got me 8th of 27 men aged 40-49. This year I was only 16th out of 40 men in my age group. To add amazement to that: the fastest guy this year was Gordo Byrne who beat the 2nd fastest racer by nearly 30 minutes. He’s 40 years old. Wow.

And so, back to Ardour & JACK … possibly the only thing I will ever beat Gordo Byrne at in my life :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I could not even do half of it and I am only 33 … maybe I should consider getting back to training …

I initially meant to ask you half-seriously why you called your post “Things TO do when …” and not “Things I do when …” but now that I saw your performance, I think the title of your post is more than relevant :lol:

What kind of bike do you ride for the Triathlon?

this year, an Aegis T2. in previous years, a custom-built Spectrum Ti/Carbon frame. campagnolo record components. zipp 808 or easton ascent II wheels.

Man this is cool that you´re doing the “iron man”- it´s good to have something physical as a balance if you´re working with computers and stuff. I do yoga to keep my creativity and to have a balance to my computer-work.

oh! the only good thing with spam is, that old threads pop up out of nowhere that I ve never seen before :slight_smile:

@paul are you still running iron mans? thats fantastic… I just have a 10km route i run one or two times a week , and it feels so good, i think computer work would kill me otherwise…and I do some martial arts training for physical and spiritual balance… I d like to know what kind of sports you do here on the forum (chess counts too you know…), if you feel like please post :slight_smile: