Things Planned for the release of version 3.0

This is an evolving list of things planned to be done before the first release candidate of Ardour 3.0

Bug fixes

Obviously there are also many bug reports in Mantis that it would be good to fix before 3.0. You can read the list of bugs targetted to be solved for beta2 and for 3.0.

Many bugs will be fixed many will not. Its just the way things are with the limited development resources we have. This list includes some bigger items that don't necessarily make it into Mantis or some particularly egregious ones that need highlighting.

Definite, Absolute, Must-Haves

  • ./waf install must work

Would Be Nice

  • Route to monitor section via a new internal "merge" return

Will Consider

  • full adoption of new keybinding system (as used in step editor and mixer windows)
  • MIDI bridge/patch functionality in Ardour itself
  • Move MIDI program and bank changes back into automation tracks?

If Someone Else Wants To Do The Work

  • MIDI velocity editing