They're Getting Married In The Morning (Saturday, August 22nd, anyway)

Taybin Rutkin has been involved with Ardour for longer than anyone except me (Paul). Although its true that these days his actual job and other interests in life have led to a reduction in his work on the project, it is impossible to overstate what Taybin bought to Ardour, or to forget that he still steps up and takes a lot of responsibility for the website. This weekend, Taybin is marrying his girlfriend of several years, Kat Taylor, in Woodstock, CT, and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the two of them the very best for their continued life together (although I plan to do the same in person on the day). Feel free to pass along good wishes.

Aw, thanks. :slight_smile: I’m all grins right now.

Congrats to Taybin and Kat!


Congrats and thanks for all the work!


Taybin & Kat, congratulations!

Congrats and well wishes! (Been married 16 years, and have five kids ages 15 through 2). And all the work on Ardour is very much appreciated!

Hey Taybin, congratulations ! (And thank you for your great contributions to the Ardour project.)

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

Congrats Taybin & Kat! See you in a few weeks!

congrats!! have a long and healthy life together! :))