"There is no existing session at ......."


I’m trying to help a student running Ardour on a Windows machine. His project stopped working and when he tries to launch the project file or load the Ardour file from within Ardour there is a message:

“There is no existing session at \path\to\the\project\file.ardour”

I don’t think that the session folder was moved and the files seem to be all there.

Does anyone please have any suggestions?


Does that happen when you use “other session” (instead of “recent”) and manually navigate to the project?
Are there any maybe umlauts in the path? Is it on C:\ ? and owned by the user in question?

This particular error message shows if the given path (usually session-dir without project) is not a readable directory. – If the path is valid, check if its’ perhaps a permission problem (e.g. session was created while Ardour as Administrator).

Thanks very much Robin for your reply. I managed to fix the problem. I think some files must have been moved but there was nothing wrong with the permissions. All the best