There have been dropouts during realtime-export

I’ve switched to a new (Ryzen) machine after not using Ardour for a few months. When I’m exporting I’m often seeing this pop-up message.


and in the console I’m seeing lots of these:
2021-05-14T22:56:00 [ERROR]: DiskReader player:Audio: when refilling, cannot write 1040384 into buffer

One other strange thing about that message is that I’m not doing a realtime export…

Are you certain? Check the timespan tab of the export dialog if “RT” is enabled for any timespan.

Also what backend do you use? JACK?

I’m doing a Stem Export, the Realtime option is greyed out



There has been some anecdotal evidence that jackd2 can also x-run during freewheeling.
This should be impossible…, but jack2 also does other impossible things :slight_smile:

Does it also happen without JACK?

PS. A debug build would assert in this case.

Does it also happen without JACK?

I tried to get my system working without JACK but nothing comes out of my speakers. I’ll spend some more time with it and see if I can get it to work and report back.

I guess jackd may still be running and block the soundcard.
In any case I was asking about export (no soundcard is needed for that) just to check if the issue is jack specific or perhaps session or system specific.

Ok I’ll give it a go

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