The working state of the latest SVN implementation of MIDI.

Hi, I’m very keen on the testing of the MIDI recording features in Ardour (rather than the editing features…)
I’ve noticed that some MIDI recording features has been merged in the latest SVN version of Ardour, but I have until now failed to make any jack connections with it.

So my question is simply: What is the working state of the MIDI implementation? Is it possible to connect inputs to jack, and if so, how can I do it?

I have come so far as to create a MIDI track, but I can only make it connect to some magical “Midi 1/out” port, that has no apparent effect.

Furthermore, does the mid files created when recording actually contain MIDI data, or are they some placeholder/dummy files for later use?

I’m sorry if this post is a bit messy, but I’m really keen on getting some info on the whole MIDI thing… :wink:

Yes, MIDI recording and playback should be functional.

Note that the ports created are /Jack/ MIDI ports. Most legacy linux audio apps don’t support Jack MIDI yet, but use Alsa Sequencer MIDI (ie the MIDI ports in qjackctl are not jack ports, but alsa sequencer ports, which seems to cause much confusion). You should see new ports show up in your patch bay for MIDI tracks, just like audio tracks.

If you have SVN Jack, the -X seq parameter should give you Jack MIDI ports representing your Alsa sequencer ports so you can connect them up to Ardour.

Yes, the MIDI files are standard MIDI files and contain all the MIDI data. The timing in them is a bit strange now though, so they might look weird in other apps. This will be fixed soon…

Thank you for the reply.

Everything works just beautiful now, the -X seq did the trick.

I am however having some problems with reloading a project containing MIDI tracks. They simply appear empty!

Also, I am experiencing some weirdness around editing of the track takes, when for example moving a take, I will have to start the transport, stop it and then start it again for the underlaying engine to reflect the change. I must here add that the change appears just as expected in the GUI.

I am thinking that all of this does not belong in the bug section since it is bleeding edge… but if it is to any help, I’ll keep on posting in this thread whenever I find quirks.

Keep up the good work - love the new feature, actually showing the nodes on the canvas :wink:

Yes, trunk is very bleeding edge. Don’t be surprised when things (MIDI or otherwise) don’t work. With that in mind, no harm in tinkering, if you’re curious.

Reloading MIDI containing projects just fixed (revision R1947).

I should add that at this point there is no compatibility guarantee for MIDI in sessions (loaded with future releases of ardour, or using the .mid files in other apps) until further notice. Don’t go recording your magnum opus (or anything else, really) with trunk :wink:

I’ve just built a fresh version of the midi trunk of Ardour (and Jack from svn), but I can’t seem to find the -X parameter anywhere.

What’s the exact command you’ve entered on the CLI to connect midi to Jack/Ardour?

Try running “jackd -d alsa --help” …