The Wknd Sessions - season 6

Hi guys,

The Wknd is an Internet-based music magazine and multimedia platform, established in 2008 to showcase undiscovered, up-and-coming acts in the Malaysian (and South East Asian) independent music scene. We’ve featured many acts that have gone on to bigger things, such as Yuna, Bunkface, Monoloque and many more.

One of our main segments is The Wknd Sessions - where we record, produce and publish videos of live performances by the bands. For Season 6, we recorded ten local independent acts over one weekend back in February of this year. After a few months of post-production, we’ve just recently launched it on the 18th of June 2012.

With a Focusrite Saffire Pro40 and an OctoPre MkII, we used Ardour to record thirty songs by the ten bands over a two-day period. All the songs are completed in one take, with no additional overdubs. Mixing and mastering was done completely in the box with Harrison Mixbus.

So far we’ve released three acts for Season 6:

  • #50 - Relay
  • #51 - Pitahati
  • #52 - Asmidar

New performances are featured each week, with one video released every Friday, Monday and Wednesday.

I’d be honored if you guys drop by our website and take a look at the recordings:


Wow. Some very cool stuff there.