The Wind and the Lake (symphonic poem)

Hi all,

this is an attempt to write a purely classical work, a late-romantic symphonic poem:

Ardour was used to render the score I wrote using MuseScore. The excellent VPO template by Michael Willis was used as a basis. If you want to learn more about the (lengthy) process, I wrote a long description in a thread on LinuxMusicians:

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Wow! That was quite an ambitious undertaking. All of your hard work in creating this piece paid off well. You got a nice sound from the VPO - I enjoyed listening to it :smiley:

@jdfight thanks for the kind words, they’re really appreciated!

Hi @lminiero,

Yeah, this sounds great. Definitely can tell you put some time into it.

It’s funny, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together that you used Virtual Playing Orchestra for this. I was explaining on one of my tunes that I wanted to use VPO, but just kinda ran out of time… :frowning: But I definitely want to do more with it.

Thanks for sharing!

@cchoowee thanks for listening! Yeah, VPO has some great sounds, but you do have to work on those a bit to get a more realistic sound sometimes, especially considering articulations are sometimes spread across different SFZ files (which is why I prepared my own), and that you still need to add some “color” yourself (e.g., strings swelling). It may not be as complete or “good” as those expensive orchestral libraries, but it is an amazing piece of work!

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