The transport bar is not regular and the recording choppy


Another lad switching from Win based DAW (Cubase/Reason/Rewire) to a Linux based system. And that is really recent (1 week at most). So I am a really the Greenest of the Greens on Linux.

Well It seem that Ardour is the leading soft for this OS so I was impatient to check it out just by plugging a CD player in the line in of the laptop (ACER 5600 series). I didn’t go far: Ardour records but the transport bar is not regular and of course the sound on playback is all choppy… I have no clue where to look to solve the problem. Please help me here ! I can’t wait to check out this piece of software that seems pretty cool.



PS: Oh btw Another thing I noticed - less problematic as I found a way around it although not very elegant -. I discovered Jack at the same time. Strangely to access the start menu configuring the session in Ardour (choice of sampling rate for instance), I need to force the Ardour-Jack connection to be severed (by opening a streaming radio for instance before launching Jack and Ardour). then I configure my session. close the streaming and launch jack. And finally open the session with the setting wish (I make it a template). If I don’t do that I do not have access to this menu on start up !

Hi again,

I checked again Ardour with the metronome this time, and again it is very irregular. Who is the sync master? Jack ? I looked a bit deeper into Jack, in order to understand better its role and I played with the config with no effect :-(!
I’m desperate :-((((



I can’t answer your question about transport/time right now. But let me point something out about the new session dialog and JACK etc. JACK is a separate application from Ardour. Ardour does not control the sample rate, JACK does. Most users (especially on Linux) start JACK with a separate JACK control utility (e.g. qjackctl). To satisfy some who wanted a more integrated experience, I added a JACK setup tab to the new session dialog. For most purposes, its much easier to use qjackctl. I don’t understand what you were/are doing with disconnecting and reconnecting JACK and ardour - it might be useful for you to explain that again in a lot more detail.

And, as usual … forums a the wrong environment for solving this sort of problem. You will get better answers, quicker, using IRC (see the support page).

Perhaps you need to adjust JACK for latency. Open qjackctl and click the “Settings” button. A higher setting for “Frames/Period” will result in less audio dropouts, but there will be a longer delay between the time you press play and the time you actually hear sound. Alternately, you may want to try the realtime kernel for better performance (the package name is linux-rt).