The Sleeping Philosophers: my music, everything done with Ardour (recording and mixing)

I just made my music available, it’s released with the name “The Sleeping Philosophers”, and it’s a weird mix of a lot of musical styles.

It’s been split in two parts, first one is “The Time of the Sleeping Philosophers” and the second one is “Baghdad”.

They are all available in Spotify, iTunes, Reddit, etc.

Also soundcloud:

And we made a video of one of the songs:

I’m currently creating and recording the next thing, look like time to switch to Ardour 4! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Love the first song. great job!! I’m listening on crap speakers at work so I’m going to wait to listen to the rest at home.
I’m pretty sure that re-animating Freddie Mercury puts you in the running for a Nobel prize. Thanks for posting that.

“Waiting to hear it properly?”
Wow. That level of respect for the music (not specifically this music, music in general) is becoming rare.
Either if you like the album or if you don’t, THANK YOU for that.

If you feel like it you can download it (including artwork) from

If y

This was (recorded/mixed/mastered) with Ardour?

Love the video for Baghdad. You don’t happen to work in a hotel in Paris do you?

Thank you Paul, it’s an honor coming from you.
I used Ardour for recording and mixing. Mastering was done by another person, and he used whatever he is used to (I don’t really know).
Haha, I don’t work in a hotel, no (do I have a French lookalike? :slight_smile: ) . The place is a hidden and not very known place in Madrid called “La Cripta Mágica”, there are exclusively magicians shows there. It was amazing having it for us for one day. :slight_smile:

Great work!

i listened Zeppelin Fallin and “filtered” a bit.
Musically (Programme), you´re on the Horse :slight_smile:
Good Music, not influenced by digitillnes.
I mean its not flat and booring, it is like a living creature.
Mix is hot! (loud, probably bricked by limiting)
At 02:22 you have bass peak ( over )
And i would move vocals ( 02 min.: 06 sec.- 02:24; 02:50- 03:10, i believe
you mixed here vocals with some delays or reverb, vocals are suddenly spread so they are pulled back in space and bass is playing
on higher frets, notes (pitch) are more near to human voice freq. range so vocals are covered by bass)
for some space more forwards
and bass a bit backwards.

But this is all technicall stuff.
And you need just small corrections at mixing and mastering stage.
(dont limit your music by limiters, “loudnessers” and so on)

Musical work is more important :slight_smile:
And you ( your band ) are good.
a la salud de Sleeping P.

Thank for the suggestions, Nedzad!
The albums are already out, so no fixing can be done (although I’m sure you are right on everything you say). Zeppelin was the first song I recorded though, and there’s no brick wall at all (far from it!), maybe it’s the Soundcloud.
Thank you again! :slight_smile:

I think you are a very imaginative musician :slight_smile: The compositions are very good and I liked the arrangements also. There is never a dull moment as the melodies and arrangements change all the time :slight_smile: I like progressive rock and I think there are strong progressive influences in your music. I also liked the way you mixed different musical styles and traditions. One of my favorite moments was the bluesy part in Voodoo Love Lady (Starting at 2:48) it came as a total surprise :slight_smile:

I enjoyed listening through the albums and I bet you like:

Electric Light Orchestra
Mike Oldfield

I could hear some influences of all of the above :slight_smile:

Your mixes sound very good and it would be quite interesting to known what equipment you used for recording (mics, preamps, etc) and what kind of processing you applied to the tracks to get the results we hear here. How did you filter the frequencies of different instruments to get them to sit better in the mix and not overlap too much.

I am a hobby musician and trying to learn to make my mixes sound better. Studying sessions like yours would be very helpful in getting better at this. Would you be willing to make your original Ardour sessions available for download in exchange for a donation or a set price ? I understand if you don’t :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for sharing your music, you are a very talented guy :slight_smile:

yess… this me like very much…

Thanks so much! It’s pretty magic that someone likes your music. :slight_smile:
mhartzel, of course I love the Beatles, I haven’t really listened to the ELO, although you are not the first to say that. Probably all comes from George Harrison. The Queen influences are also there, but not as much. Actually only the first part of the intro (before ukulele) of Zeppelin Fallin’ and the way I sung “There Was a Time” was directly influenced by Queen. All the other vocal textures probably come more from radio music from the 1940’s. I never analyze this things very much though; it’s just the music that comes from me.
I can’t give you the sessions, but I can tell you I put far more attention to the music rather than the sound, the mixes are good enough for me but I’m sure they could be improved. But I really tried to be creative and a musicaly good and different as I can be, and that was the focus more than a “normal” recording session.


This is incredible! Thanks for sharing.

If you’re ever go on tour, please tell us. I’ll be lining up for tickets for sure.

Thanks dude! Really really happy to see you liked it so much. :slight_smile:


Mind Blown…

Congrats on such a well produced and fully-realized project! Very inspiring to see this high-level kind of work done with Ardour! When you get 2 Ardour developers to take notice and comment you know you’re doing something right!

Thanks a lot, man. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just finished the new album, now time for fine tuning of the mixing.
I want it out after the Summer, I’ll post it here. It’s very different than the other, and hopefully it will surprise you.
Made with the lastest Ardour version, and I have to say I really like the changes of the software. :slight_smile:

It’s really great music, very good rec/mix, thanks for sharing ! Can’t wait for the new album.