The silent man - Book of history

Here is the first track from my album “The Book of history” witch is completely recorded in Ardour :slight_smile:
It was my first project where I worked with Ardur(I have used Cubase before) And I rely enjoyed working with the DAW. I was a little bit scared to make the switch to Linux from Windows but with the Ububtu Studio OS it was a thrill :slight_smile:
The audio for this video is actually recorded with Arduor on a Raspberry PI 4 and a “Blue Nessie” USB-Mic.

You can listen to the full album at: Spotify

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Very nice! I have a RPi 4 and ad no idea Ardour could run on it. Will have to try.

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It works fine. All the acoustic stuff on the album are recorded with the Pi :grinning:
I haven’t done so mutch multitrack recordings and haven’t used so many plugins but some easy arranging and mixing should probably work :+1::notes:
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