The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses (Cover)

Hi everybody,

Our new cover of The Rolling Stones Ballad “Wild Horses”.

In this recording everything is made with Ardour on Ubuntu Studio 20.04
Plugins: Eq 10Q (pere rafols soler) and Calf Reverb
Video editing with KDEnlive.
Video with Sony A7RIII and Sigma 50mm ART
Neuman Tlm 103 Mic for vocals and guitars, Akg C214, Neuman Km 104 for percussions.
Two guitars: Gibson Es 175 with Lollar P90 pick ups (neck used) and Martin D42 (Folk).
Fender Jazz Bass
Gibson Ga Amp (for solos or single notes on Gibson Es 175)
Cajon and shaker

You can subscribe to our Youtube channel here if you appeciate our work…

Our french website:

Many thanks again to Ardour Team !


Great version of one of my favorite Stones’ songs! (Sticky Fingers is their greatest album, IMHO).

Great mix too, the guitar tone really shines. But the vocals are lovely too, with that subtle french accent.

Good to know the video was made with KDE live, I’ve just installed it to do my videos. Let’s see what happens.

Hi Pierre !
Thanks for the comment.
Yes this album is really great, my favorite also.
Kdenlive is great…i don’t really know what is your OS (i’m on ubuntu studio). If you can use the latest version 20.08.2 its better…there are a lots of improvements, an entire new code (but files are not compatible with the old versions made with 19.12).
You now have multicam, motion tracking etc…

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Really great! A wonderful interpretation, well performed and recorded and the video work is spectacular! A bit of guitar porn with those beautiful guitars as well, such nice tones!!

Thank you for your comment. I love “a little bit of guitar porn” :rofl:
A lot of time spent and work for the video editing…

Bravo ! very polished tune, like the rest of your work
A real delight to the ears :heart:

Hi, Thanks a lot !
I have also listened to your youtube channel (and subscribed), really cool !

greatgreat I love it! :heart_eyes:

Hi, Thanks a lot,
Do you have some recordings to listen to ?

thanks for your kind question: if your search for “PROGGELS” in Youtube, you will be directly lead to our channel… only two songs “made with Ardour” up to now, more to follow…
there is some stuff in the pipeline… due to lockdown there is plenty of time for mixing and creating videos :laughing:
all the best,

Yes i’ve listened…
Love Narzissus (some chords progression and guitar solos make me think to old Pink Floyd), very melodic…Sound is fine…don’t know if its made with ardour…
I’ve subscribed…and liked…

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[quote=“polo30, post:11, topic:104920, full:true”]

but I know: it is :wink:

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