The recorded audio data will stick out in front of the beat.

Hello all, I have a problem.
I have experienced events in other DAWs where the waveform is shifted backward due to audio latency, but this is the first time this has happened and I am puzzled.
How can I improve this kind of waveform alignment during recording? Please tell me.

Ardour6.9 (Windows11-64bit)
Audio interface ZOOM U-24 (44100hz 24bit)

I would start here:

Short version, something is causing to much latency to be compensated for which is why things are coming out slightly ahead.


Check Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup

Is there a systemic latency set?

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I set the output side of the latency to 512 and the input side to 0 and it fits perfectly!
SOLVED. Thank you both very much.

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