The quickest way...

…to solo or mute multiple tracks??? Thanks.

  1. Put them in a group. Then muting one will mute the others
  2. Do it from the “route inspector” on the pullout … less mouse travel from track to track
  3. Do it from an external controller with physical buttons

… ?

how do the groups function in ardour, are they like a sub group on a physical desk? or do they work more like dca’s.

Having DCA’s would be a nice feature to have if its not already implemented.


Groups, as described here, function like neither. They just apply certain operations across all members of the group, so more closer to a much more flexible version of a mute group. You could use Busses for subgroup like functionality.

VCA like functionality has been requested as well for the record.


Excelent , I love vca’s coming from the analogue world as its different to a subgroup.

I just checked it out, and found a really nice feature, when you create a group if you right click on the group you can create a subgroup bus. I havnt tested it out further but awesome stuff.

Thanks BenLoftis. The best for me would be to select tracks and press solo or mute, at the moment I try to figure out how to do that via route inspector.