The page I think I might be looking for is no more

I’m trying to figure out how to use Edit Groups. I see some vague talk about them in some of the forum messages, but the one link no longer works.

What exactly is an edit group and if I create/activate one, what do I put in it, and how do I put it in it? I can’t figure it out from the UI and I can’t figure it out from the manual…

Haven’t used Edit Groups myself yet. There’s a group menu button next to the input/pre/post selector of the peak meter in every strip.

the group button in a mixer strip controls Mix Group membership. the group button in the track controls on the left side of a track in the editor controls Edit Group membership.

they are completely independent of each other.

neither are particularly “finished”, but they are both useful.

The g button does indeed add them to groups. Just wasn’t intuitive to begin with. I wonder if it would make sense to highlight the group button when the group is selected (provided of course that the group is visible). If all the g buttons had lit when I clicked on the “all” group, then it would have been an obvious usage link between the g button on the left and the edit groups column on the right.

Right now there is no way to see which tracks are in which group other than to change their visibility which of course makes it hard to see them. Another alternative would be to list them tree fashion under the groupname.

And what is the point of making a group Active? What effect does that have?