The Open Source Musician Ep. 81 - New Tricks with Ardour 5

I don’t always post release announcements for the show here even though Ardour is an integral part of the podcast, but since A5 is featured in this episode, I thought I’d go ahead and post it:

The Octember episode of the podcast was just released (it took me a month to finish so it’s both September’s and October’s episode).
We demo some of the new Ardour 5 features and plugins, an epic track from Bluebell, me failing to speak German, as well as the usual news and drivel.

Please participate in our Tunestorm (the musical uncompetition) #16 which is themed “Game Music” and due Nov 14.
Supertux needs a new track for one of their levels (see You can contact them or any open source game you like to see if they have any needs for new music, or just write a song inspired by a game, or a gameshow theme or whatever you want. If you want to contact some open source game developers try or

This is due in just 1 month, so if you are interested, get on it! :slight_smile: We really want more participation.

Thanks for listening!

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