The old audio interface question, rme babyface and more

The never ending topic Audio interfaces, sorry to bother again :wink:

I am looking into a mobile setup for recording (just a few tracks) and playback (more tracks). In my studio i got an old but reliable rme multiface2 that never let me down, but it is pcie card based and I would need something with USB to use it with my laptop. it would be preferably small , as I travel a lot with my gear for my performances and every cm is an issue. I was looking into the rme babyface but couldnt find any information on if I could possibly run total mix on Linux (I guess I cant) or access total mix via network (accessing the functionality via an ipad or something would be totally fine with me… ) also the babyface is kind of the top of the price range I am looking into… Any suggestions on low latency audio interfaces below that price range (below 700€)? That work rock solid on linux? preferably with some ADAT out (I got a rme 8 channel AD converter , this would solve me high channel count in case i need it) Thank you so much!!

Personally, I use a RME Fireface UFX II with good success, although there is still nothing like Totalmix for it on Linux, so it has to be operated from the hardware knobs on the Fireface etc… In other words, inputs/outputs work perfectly fine, but routing/monitoring has to be done within Ardour (which is absolutely capable of that, so I got used to it)…

But the Babyface is probably a whole different story as its Linux support is supposed to be far better! Native Babyface support should be there in the Linux kernel by now, so all routing (comparable to Totalmix without FX) should be possible within the ALSA mixer itself… I don’t own a Babyface myself, but info can be found on the RME forum:

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thank you so much for this info!

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