The New Ardour Website

Just in time for spring 2006, we are happy to unveil the new Ardour website. Built and managed using the excellent Drupal content management system, the new site contains almost all the content of the old, plus new features:

Most important of all: because the site is now using a CMS, it becomes vastly easier for us to provide access to the community. Manual editing, page creation and more can all be done by anyone with the required priviledges. Watch for more news on how to acquire these.

Thank you from one of those who dislike mailing lists. :slight_smile: I hope more projects do this.

Drupal is good but i really think it’s more of an upscale blog script then CMS compared to joomla joomla has so many more features, i’ve been using ready made joomla sites lately to get customers up and running faster.

Actually I have heard a lot of good about Joomla but I currently have a site based on Drupal and it is a complete and fully supported CMS and the Dev never stops, and it has a great support community. It’s one of those I’m used to it kind of things. To change from one to the other requires a bit of a learning curve thats all, which is more than most of us are willing to struggle through. I have heard that Joomla is a quicker learning curve though than Drupal. I think that currently the race for the lead with CMS systems is with Drupal being in first place currently. Who cares though if it works for you great right? I am getting ready to move my 5.x site over to another server and it will be a version 6 on that server. Not looking forward to that haha. I Like the way this site looks and responds.

Ardour Rocks
Groove On !!!

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